Corporate Governance

As a state corporation, Johor Corporation (JCorp) is subjected to the laws of its formation which include the Johor Corporation Enactment No.4 / 1968 and Amendment; Enactment No.5 / 1995, the Corporation Act (State Legislative Competency) 1962 (Act 380) and Loan Guarantee Act (Establishment of the Corporation) 1965 (Act 96).

Johor Corporation constantly upholds the Federal Government’s recommendations and initiatives, especially in the context of corporate governance. JCorp also ensures that its administrative affairs and operations always adhere to good corporate governance practices, with the believe that a robust corporate governance framework will contribute to an improvement in the accountability, integrity, transparency and the sustainability of a company’s initiatives.

The National Audit Department has awarded JCorp with a four-star, the highest rating, in the Financial Management Accountability Index, which has been achieved for six consecutive years since 2007. This is a testimony of the high standards of integrity and transparency in corporate governance and sound financial management system. In addition, JCorp has been internationally recognised as it took pride in claiming the ADFIAP Awards 2013 in the Corporate Governance Category, hence testifying JCorp's commendable Corporate Governance track record.