Introduction to the New Logo


Brand identity plays an important role in the success of a company or organization. A logo is an identity and a display of a company's image, message, strength and core values.

Johor Corporation (JCorp) logo is evolving in parallel with the evolution of time and changing of era. This evolution is in line with the initiative that it undertakes to empower branding and repositioning of its brand in domestic and international market. Within this initiative, JCorp also features a modern and contemporary logo design that are eye-catching, easy to remember and able to create impact.
This move is also made to align its corporate image at the Group level as well as to enhance the effectiveness of JCorp's communication in virtual media.

Logo Usage

Our logo can be downloaded from the link below but any usage of this logo will need a written authorisation from Johor Corporation which can be requested through

JCorp logo : DOWNLOAD