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KFC Holdings (Malaysia ) Bhd (KFCH)

Total revenue for the year increased to a record high of RM3,040.7 million, up 8.6% on the RM2,798.0 million achieved in 2011.

In 2012, revenue of all KFC restaurants in the Group climbed 8.6% to RM2,298.4 million. Revenue including intercompany sales at the Group’s Integrated Poultry segment improved to RM1,539.0 million, a 4.5% gain on 2011.

KFC Malaysia

In 2012, KFC Malaysia’s revenue jumped to RM1,787.0 million, 8.0% up on the RM1,655.3 million recorded the year before.

Reflecting the commitment to provide customers a fresh and inviting dining ambience, the Group renovated 90 restaurants during the year. 28 new outlets expanded the network’s reach further, and KFC aimed to better accommodate the needs of busy customers by increasing the number of outlets offering drive-thru services.

With 555 restaurants in total – 465 in Peninsular Malaysia and 90 in East Malaysia – the Group has once again retained its market dominance, and KFC remains as Malaysia’s largest restaurant chain. Another 33 new restaurants are lined up to enter operations in 2013.

KFC Singapore

Singapore’s economic growth and an increased store count has led KFC Singapore to achieve record sales of RM440.9 million, up RM31.8 million or 7.8% compared to 2011.

2012 ended with a count of 82 stores, inclusive of six new openings or relocations, offset by three closures.

KFC Brunei

KFC Brunei expanded from nine outlets in 2010 to 14 restaurants in 2012, and total revenue surged 30% to RM26.5 million, an increase of RM6.1 million.

Expansion plans for 2013 include four new restaurants, (two inline restaurants and two drive-thrus, and three image enhancements to selected KFC restaurants).

KFC Cambodia

KFC Cambodia once again exceeded its previous performance, generating sales of RM12.6 million in the year 2012, an increase of 0.8% from RM12.5 million revenue in 2011.

The team organised promotional activities and a full schedule of events with contests and concerts to draw more customers into KFC outlets. KFC Cambodia also launched a new menu alternative ‘Chlat Vei’, or street-smart value menu, where all menu items were sold at USD1.00 and below. This allowed KFC Cambodia to not only maintain patronage but also attract an influx of new customers to their stores.

‘More Value, More Variety, More Choice’ was the year’s strategic slogan, and for the launch of the second phase in the month of August, KFC Cambodia introduced a local dish which was an infusion of flavourful local Cambodian pickles and ‘Koh Kong’ sauce along with the famous KFC Original Recipe fried chicken served with rice. A more value-added combo will also be introduced in line with the vision to place KFC as the most value-for-money and affordable restaurant in Cambodia. KFC Cambodia ended the year 2012 with a total of 10 restaurants.

KFC India

In its third year of operations, KFC India reported revenue of RM31.4 million, an impressive increase over 2011’s sales of RM19.8 million.

Currently, KFC India has 26 outlets, of which 13 were opened in 2012.