Semarak Jawi

Semarak Jawi is an innovative CR programme that aims to preserve the heritage by way of promoting Jawi script reading and writing culture among the younger generation. Through WANCorp and Yayasan JCorp’s collaboration with Utusan Malaysia, Johor Corporation has initiated the publication of a Jawi newspaper i.e. Utusan Melayu Mingguan on 16 February 2015. Throughout a period of one year, a total of 500,000 Utusan Melayu Mingguan newspapers were distributed on weekly basis to selected schools and government agencies in Johor. Subsequent to the year-long sponsorship, six Semarak Jawi events were conducted in Johor to promote the appreciation of Jawi literatures through interactive, fun and educational activities. The activities include Jelajah Jawi, Coretan Jawi and Khat Competitions, which involved a total of 975 students and teachers from 153 schools from 10 districts in Johor. On 7 September 2016, Johor Corporation continued the sponsorship commitment for another year, which marked another milestone through the launch of Malaysia’s first Jawi News Portal that can be accessed by visiting