KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ) is Johor Corporation’s healthcare arm, listed on Bursa Malaysia since 1994. Through its listing, KPJ Healthcare made history as the first homegrown subsidiar y of Johor Corporation and the first healthcare company to be listed on bourse’s Main Board. KPJ is among the Top 100 PLCs listed on Bursa Malaysia, ranking 85th place in December 2017, with a market capitalisations of RM 4.19 billion.

KPJ also has a large team on board. As at the December 2017, KPJ has 13,422 staff members and 1,022 medical consultants. By the end of 2017, KPJ’s integrated network consists of 25 hospitals in Malaysia, 2 hospital in Indonesia, 1 hospital in Bangladesh, 1 hospital in Thailand.

KPJ’s competitive advantage lies in its extensive reach and presence in the highly competitive private healthcare industry. By the end of 2017, KPJ’s integrated network consists of 25 specialist hospitals located throughout the nation. In addition, the KPJ Group currently has two hospitals in Indonesia, a seizable share in a hospital in Thailand, and a hospital in Bangladesh as well as retirement and aged care centres in Kuala Lumpur; Sibu, Sarawak; and Brisbane, Australia. 
We continued to make strategic moves to grow KPJ’s business sustainably. As part of this commitment, KPJ continues to enhance its business strategies to be more patient and customer-centric, with the goal of increasing market share, identifying and implementing new medical innovations, and digitising our operational and functional processes in order to remain ahead of the curve. More importantly, KPJ is ultimately able to translate it all directly to shareholder value. 
KPJ recorded a strong performance momentum in the financial year ended 2017 (FY2017), achieving revenue in excess of RM3.0 billion for the second year in a row since its inception. Group revenue stood at RM3.18 billion, up from 2016 revenue of RM3.02 billion. In line with management’s plan to divest from its aged care operations in Australia, the 2016 revenue has been restated to RM2.97 billion, as per the requirement of MFRS 5: Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations.
KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital was named the winner of the Prime Minister’s Industry Excellence Award which was introduced by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to recognise outstanding Malaysian companies chosen from a selection of winners across categories in the manufacturing and services sector. The awards is a recognition that KPJ is on track in its vision to become a leading healthcare provider in the region.
The KPJ Group received a number of awards at the MSWG-ASEAN Corporate Governance Recognition 2017 Awards, which identified the Top 100 Malaysian Public Listed Companies based on disclosures from 900 companies assessed during the year using the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard. The 2017 assessment was more stringent than previous years, using a revised Scorecard approved by the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF). KPJ was honoured to be ranked 33rd in the List of Top 100 Companies with Good Disclosures; 29 in the List Of Top 100 Companies For Overall CG & Performance; and the Industry Excellence Award within the Healthcare category.